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3D Studio Max

Landscapecutter uses LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data and 3D Studio Max to create a unique miniature object based on the early industrial Cornish landscape created by tin mining.

Riding a mountain bike around a disused mining site a unique boundary was traced utilising the built-in GPS on a mobile phone. GPS data was collected at one-second intervals and HD video was recorded; captured datasets, video and more information available online.

The captured GPS track was then used in a cookie cutter style (vertical boundary) to cut out a physical form. The 3D terrain was created using the digital elevation model (DEM) data captured by LIDAR survey aircraft.

Mapping the high resolution LIDAR (1m) elevation data to the miniature scale of the finished object exposes nuances of speed, gravity and motion.

Click here to view photos of the Landscapecutter, and all the other works on the Inside Out Exhibition website!


Dataset - GPR

Dataset - LIDAR