Inside Out
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Inside Out Exhibition

Inside Out features a unique set of forty-six miniature sculptures produced in resin using 3D printing or rapid prototyping technologies with works from UK groups (De Montfort University, University College Falmouth, Manchester Metropolitan University) and artists from the UK, in conjunction with groups from Australia (RMIT University, Art Technology Coalition, University of Technology Sydney) and artists from Antipodes. Each sculpture originates as a 3D computer-generated object capable of fitting into a small box (6cm x 6cm x 6cm). After the cg models have been created their data files are then transmitted via the Internet to the opposite country. The received files are then be 'printed' as real objects by the process of stereo-lithography (3D printing) or rapid prototyping in the reciprocal countries. Employing this process obviates the need for shipping the sculptures between the two countries, avoiding a large carbon footprint. In addition, as miniatures, the sculptures can be transported effortlessly as they tour selected galleries.

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Inside Out